Improving the experience of patients with a critical illness is a priority for us. Our team is dedicated to supporting your efforts by facilitating the transition and follow-up of special-care outpatients. We understand the challenges caused by limited time and resources across the healthcare system. Let’s work together to streamline your responsibilities and enhance the quality of life for patients and their caregivers.

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Collaboration is at the heart of our values

Care coordination is an integral part of our approach. Our pharmacists work closely with doctors, nurses, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to oversee the management of specialty drugs, ensuring that your patients’ treatment is managed effectively.

With the patient’s consent, this collaboration means sharing essential information on medications, coordinating therapies, managing side effects, confirming laboratory results, and encouraging adherence to treatments. Our aim is to improve their quality of life by optimizing clinical outcomes, while ensuring seamless, integrated care. Our team of experts is committed to simplifying this process for you.

Together, we can improve our patients’ daily lives.

The benefits of working with us as a:

Our referral process for community pharmacists

At Larivière et Massicotte, we believe that working in close collaboration with other healthcare professionals is invaluable to the well-being of our patients.
Learn how to refer your patient with a rare or complex disease requiring specialty medication.

Talking to your patient

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Our team has over 15 years of experience in managing rare and complex diseases.

  • More than 40 experts
  • 10 pharmacists on duty
  • 8 languages spoken
  • 15 phone lines
  • Free delivery anywhere in Quebec

Sharing information between the referrer and Larivière et Massicotte pharmacy

  1. Fill out the form online or print a PDF version and fax the completed form to us at 1-877-723-0152
  2. Include a copy of the prescription or any other document you deem relevant (e.g., pharmacological profile)
  3. Advise the patient that they will receive a call from our pharmacy

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Supported by Larrivière & Massicotte pharmacy (LMP)

We are committed to providing comprehensive, coordinated care at every stage of the patient’s treatment. After receiving a prescription, we begin by calling you to update your file. We then obtain patient consent, personal habits, and insurance information.

We then oversee reimbursement, whether for exception drug requests or exception patient forms. We then conduct a guidance call, which includes providing information, medication reconciliation, verification of drug interactions, checking up on laboratory results, as well as planning future follow-ups, among other things.

We will coordinate with your community pharmacy at the start of treatment. Our follow-up is long-term, involving a routine call every 7-14 days, followed by further calls depending on the patient’s clinical situation. These patients will also benefit from monthly follow-ups to assess treatment efficacy, toxicity, and adherence.

All our interventions are carefully documented in the patient’s file. In addition, we offer flexible delivery in 24 hours or less to the location of the patient’s choice. Our goal is to make the pharmaceutical care experience as convenient and stress-free as possible, and to facilitate the management of patients for community pharmacists.

We work closely with you

  • Regular reports on treatment progress to community pharmacists
  • Routine laboratory results analysis and interpretation
  • Proactive monitoring of side effects
  • Ongoing assessment of drug interactions and treatment efficacy
  • Transmission of supportive care prescriptions to the patient’s community pharmacy of choice
  • Communication with the community pharmacy when a change occurs in specialized treatment: change in dose, temporary interruption, permanent discontinuation, specific situation, etc.
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Frequently asked questions

How is Larivière et Massicotte, Pharmaciennes inc. different from other pharmacies?

Our pharmacists are always keeping up to date on rare products and their challenges, using the latest tools. Together, we do everything in our power to ensure that patients get the most out of their treatment. Our interventions are straightforward, with clear guidelines for dealing with the toxicities associated with the pharmaceuticals we manage.

In addition, our close supervision enables us to properly address and prevent undesirable effects by recommending supportive care, while ensuring that therapeutic doses and treatment continuity are maintained.

How do we collaborate with other healthcare professionals in caring for patients with complex diseases?

Larivière et Massicotte pharmacy works closely with its patients’ various healthcare providers. Our goal is to ensure complete patient care and peace of mind.

What advantages does the Larivière et Massicotte pharmacy offer in terms of treatment coordination, rapid access to specialty drugs, and patient support?

Our unique experience allows us to meet the special needs of patients with complex illnesses, contributing to their well-being. Our pharmacy stands out for its ability to ensure rapid distribution of specific medications, facilitate reimbursement processes, efficiently manage prescription renewals, and provide personalized support for patients.

How does the Larivière et Massicotte pharmacy manage drug reimbursement?

We understand the challenges involved in reimbursement procedures for specialty drugs, particularly for expensive treatments. Our team works with patients and healthcare professionals to streamline all aspects of the process by finding insurance options, providing resources for financial assistance, and managing costs with transparency.

You are a community pharmacist and would like to work with us?