What advanced pharmaceutical care is all about

We work hard to improve community pharmacy practices so each patient can get the most out of their treatment. Your unique needs are always at the heart of our mission.

Our approach

At Larivière & Massicotte pharmacy, our values guide our efforts in redefining the standards and practices of specialty pharmacy. We aim to be a model of excellence in managing patients undergoing specialized therapies in Quebec.

Collaboration is our vision

Our proactive collaboration with every caregiver involved in the treatment of patients living with rare and complex diseases is what sets our services apart.

  • We work closely with specialized teams, community pharmacists, caregivers, and patients to ensure seamless coordination, which truly makes all the difference.
  • We also contribute to the growth of pharmaceutical practices through partnerships and projects with community organizations, professional associations, and universities.

Our expertise

Our highly qualified team of professionals, technicians, and employees are dedicated to using their knowledge for your well-being.

  • We address your needs quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide ongoing, professional customer care.
  • Our advice is tailored to your specific situation and communicated in a sympathetic, clear, and accessible way to make treatment as easy as possible.
  • We are continually training our team members to ensure that our practice is always up to date, and our services meet the highest standards.
  • We see work organization as a dynamic process that allows us to adapt quickly to changing needs.

Our distinguishing service

We provide you with peace of mind and personalized, local support through excellent service. We are committed to:

  • Warmly welcoming each patient and ensuring their comfort.
  • Accompanying them throughout their therapy,understanding their situation, and meeting their unique needs, discreetly and at their own pace.
  • Trusting our patients to continue taking all their other medications from their local pharmacy.
  • Handling follow-up with insurance companies.
  • Offering a fast, reliable delivery service thanks to a real-time tracking system.
  • Adapting to the different working and communication methods of the many healthcare professionals involved.


Our services

What sets us apart

  • Striving to be an active part of a greener future, we’re proud to say that our pharmacy is certified carbon-neutral as of 2023.
  • Since 2019, we have been committed to the eco-responsable program in collaboration with Maillon Vert, an organization specializing in sustainable development. In doing so, we are caring for the health of our community and our planet.
  • In 2021, our pharmacy received the Dr. Trang Hoang Award from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) for its commitment to the blood cancer community.
  • In 2020, Christine Larivière and the pharmacy received the Profession Santé Award for our pharmacy’s innovative and inspiring practices, which contribute to improving the quality of patient care and the efficiency of our services.
Our awards and distinctions

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