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Receiving a diagnosis can turn your life upside down, challenging you and the people supporting you. At the Larivière & Massicotte pharmacy, you can count on the expertise of our 15 pharmacists and technical team, who tailor their approach to your needs. You’ll be guided by compassionate providers who genuinely care about you.

We’re by your side every step of the way.

Comprehensive and personalized support

From our very first meeting, we will take the time to inform you and ease any fears you may have about this emotionally and physically challenging stage in your life. We will then manage your file and assist you throughout your journey.

+ Our technicians handle the often-tedious claims procedures with insurance companies and the RAMQ, so that you can start your treatment as quickly as possible.

+ One of our pharmacists will explain your treatment plan and the best way to take your medication.

+ Our pharmacists will keep an eye on the progress of your treatment and update your medication record, working alongside your local pharmacist.

+ They will also work closely with your hospital healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care, and can even offer supportive therapy if necessary.

+ They will follow up and analyze your laboratory results (blood tests, urine tests, etc.)

+ They will call you monthly and as needed to ensure that your treatment is working as it should and to manage any potential complications.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a specialty pharmacy?

Because a specialty pharmacy is not a recognized title in Quebec, pharmacists cannot call themselves specialists in a given therapeutic field. However, some pharmacies have decided to focus their practice on the management of more complex or rare diseases to better serve the needs of their patients. In Quebec, all pharmacies can provide all types of medication, including specialty drugs.

An expertise pharmacy is therefore usually dedicated to the management of specialized medications, which are used to treat rare, chronic, serious, and/or complex diseases. This includes cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis, and other specific medical conditions.

Expertise pharmacies offer personalized support to patients by providing specialty drugs, coordinating treatment with other healthcare professionals, helping manage medication side effects, offering follow-up and education services, and working closely with other healthcare providers to enable safe and effective treatment.

Who will manage my other medications if I use the services of a specialty pharmacy?

That’s up to you! Your local pharmacist will manage the rest of your prescription. We’ll work with them to coordinate your overall treatment plan.

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What is the delivery schedule?

Our medications are delivered based on each patient’s clinical condition. Given the nature of specialty drugs, we typically deliver once a month or whenever a dose change occurs. You will usually receive your medication within 4-24 hours.

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Nearby service throughout Quebec - Delivery included

Our expertise is at your reach. No matter where you live in the province, you can rely on our free delivery service anywhere in Quebec.

From our two branches in Montreal and Quebec City, our pharmacy can get your medication to you quickly. All procedures are handled discreetly over the phone, and your prescription is delivered to your home or the location of your choice.

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