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How do we support patients taking specialty drugs?


Our mission

Our committed team works in close collaboration with community pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to support patients with rare and/or complex diseases.

Our team is there to support you

How we can support you

Consult our different resources to better understand specialty drugs, what they entail, and how we can support you in managing your treatment.

Our values

Our initiatives are driven by our desire to redefine the standards and practices of specialty pharmacy.

Collaboration is central to our practice

At Larivière & Massicotte, we take great care in supporting our patients through their treatment. We understand that taking a specialty drug can be overwhelming, which is why we work hand-in-hand with our patients to ensure they understand their treatment and adhere to it.

Our commitment goes beyond patient care: we believe in a collaborative approach to patient care. We team up with other healthcare specialists to ensure quality and continuity of care, allowing us to treat our patients as professional partners. This ensures that all aspects of the patient’s treatment are properly coordinated.

At Larivière et Massicotte, we believe that our shared commitment and our experience in specialized medications make all the difference in the lives of our patients.

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Your eco+friendly pharmacy

At Larivière et Massicotte, our commitment extends well beyond healthcare. We’re also involved in supporting our community and protecting the environment.

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